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Sightseeing in Pomorie. Things to Do in Pomorie – Discover the best attractions in Pomorie, Bulgaria

Historical Museum Pomorie

In the collection of the Historical Museum in Pomorie the life of the people is retraced from hoary antiquity till XIV century when the Turkish have occupied the area. The Museum is recognized to be a monument of the national culture. The building has been reconstructed again, after being burned as a secondary school for [...]

The church Birth of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

The temple, wich was build for the fame of the Holy and Life-giving Trinity and in memory of the Birth of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in 1890, is situated in the centre of the town Pmorie. The wall panels beneath the icons illustrate daily scenes of the life of the citizens in Pomorie. The [...]

Ancient Tracian Tomb

The Ancient Beehive Tomb dates from the end of III century and the beginning of IV century. This was the place of the necropolis (the city of the dead). It's recognized as a National cultural monument. The original shape and the mushroom-like brick construction makes the tomb a unique representative of the cult architecture from [...]

The church of Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord

The Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord church is the oldest building in the architectural reserve of Old Pomorie. It had been built in 1763 – 1764 and was finished and sanctified in 1765. A holy spring with water coming from a stone plate is located below the King’s icon of Jesus Christ. It was called [...]

Pomorie Museum of Salt

Pomorie Museum of Salt is the only one in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. It’s a specialized museum for salt production by solar evaporation of sea water. The museum presents the ancient Anhialo technology of sea salt production. It has been obtained since unknown times. According to the Bulgarian historians the salterns existed even before the [...]

Pomorie salt lake

Healing firth mud is extracted from Pomorie Salt Lake. It’s on of the best in the world. The city was a prominent medical centre since ancient times. The Romans profited from the curing strength of th emud and that’s why they called Pomorie lake “sacred”. Mud healing and the modern rehabilitation base make Pomorie an [...]

Old Pomorian Houses – Architectural Reservation

Architectural Reservation Old Pomorian Houses is situated close to the sea shore, in the east end of the old part of Pomorie and presents the architecture and the typical elements of the sea shore houses. The buildings in the reservation were built in the 19th century. The typical Pomorian house, which the tourists can see [...]

Pomorie Monastery St. George the Victorious

The monastery of St. George The Victorious is located in the modern district of Pomorie. A marble relief, which dates from II – III century and views a Thracian rider, is an evidence that this place was a Thracian sanctuary. The monastery is the only active one on the Black Sea coast. The legend says [...]